Fashion Designers Specializing in Hats and Scarves in Dulles, Virginia

Are you looking for fashion designers who specialize in hats and scarves in Dulles, Virginia? Look no further than Marymount University! Marymount is the only university in the Washington, DC area that offers fashion design and merchandising programs, and its graduates are setting the trend among young designers in the region. From sportswear to workwear and nightwear, Marymount's young designers are thinking innovatively and designing for a new era. Marymount fashion design students are well-prepared to enter the industry and work for apparel manufacturers and clothing retailers in the area of product development. The curriculum combines design thinking with experience in textiles, quality standards, pattern making, illustration, and garment making.

In addition to personalized embroidery and screen printing, Marymount's fashion designers specialize in pre-sewn items such as bags, hats, shirts, blankets and more. The BILT Academic Faculty at Marymount offers undergraduate programs in Design and Art from the School of Business, Innovation, Leadership and Technology (B. I. L.

T.). With this comprehensive education, Marymount's fashion designers are ready to make their mark on the Dulles area!.

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