Where to Find Independent Fashion Designers in Dulles, Virginia

Are you on the hunt for independent fashion designers in Dulles, Virginia? Look no further! Dulles is home to a variety of high-end designer clothing stores and vintage and thrift stores that offer unique pieces from top brands. Nordstrom Rack, Macy's, Scout & Molly's Boutique, The Jeans Whisperer, Cameleon, H&M, and Altar'd State are some of the best women's clothing stores near downtown Dulles. Chevy Chase is home to Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale's, and exclusive boutiques like Jimmy Choo, Max Mara, Gucci and Tiffany & Co. Virginia also has two outlet malls: Williamsburg Premium Outlets and Leesburg Premium Outlets.

Williamsburg Premium Outlets has 135 designer and brand stores while Leesburg Premium Outlets has more than 100 stores including Adidas, Burberry, Coach, and J. If you're looking for vintage and thrift stores, Alexandria is the place to go. You'll find clothes, shoes and accessories from brands such as Prada, Marc Jacobs, DUI, Milly, Tory Burch and many others with prices as fabulous as fashion. In November 2020, The Independent reported that Tanzanian designer Brinton had traveled to Washington to participate in an event where she had been invited to show her items. So if you're looking for independent fashion designers in Dulles, Virginia you have plenty of options!.

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