Virginia Varland

Costume Design

Jesus Christ Superstar

Musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice

Theoretical Design             

Violence blooms when feverish masses of lost youth look to toxic, delusional belief in Jesus for identity, security, and ideas they should form themselves. Judas sees that their blind faith in Jesus has given power to an uniformed mob and is torn between his love of Jesus the man and fear of Jesus the idea.

Unable to rely on themselves, the masses of disenfranchised youth who follow Jesus form a group identity to provide themselves with a sense of worth. The costumes they don impart upon them the specialness of being set apart from others as a disciple of Jesus. But their individual worthiness is betrayed by their passive conformity to belief in Jesus. Visually homogeneous, their lack of individuality is exposed by the gluttonous array of colors, ample exposed skin, defensive militance, and brash anachronism that builds their group aesthetic. The security of the group’s aesthetic bolsters its member’s devotion to its violent ideas.