Virginia Varland

Costume Design


Play by Ike Holter

Directed by Gina Marie Hayes

Set Design by Caitlin McCleod  

Light Design by Alexander Ridgers

Production Photos by Justin Barbin

Hit the Wall passionately intones a diverse array of narrative perspectives from the unclear, yet inflammatory events of the sticky-hot night of June 27, 1969 at the Stonewall Inn. Stories from that night, some legendary, most unknown, recall the events that incited rioting in the streets, which now historically marks the outset of the gay rights movement. Now, with America reeling from social unrest aroused by police brutality, it is critical for art to provide a platform for the voices of marginalized people. This production aims to listen to those voices and promote action by using stylized realism to re- contextualize perspectives of the now-sacred Stonewall Riots.

Through my design, I strive to convey with intimacy and honor the young, raw, and poetic personal stories. Stories such as that of Carson, a dignified and defiant African American drag queen, and Peg, a socially exiled “stone butch” lesbian. Keeping their truth at heart, I drew inspiration directly from first-hand source materials, especially photographs and testimonies of the riots. In this way, I hope to reveal these stories with honest respect, and give light to the unflinching and unapologetic spirit of Stonewall.