Virginia Varland

Costume Design


Play by Henrik Ibsen

Theoretical Design             

In Ibsen’s Ghosts, Mrs. Alving endeavors to reconcile her fierce love for her son with her long suppressed right and responsibility to control her life and body. I am heartbroken by her struggle to atone for subjugating her own independence by performing her social duty as a wife to an undeserving man at the ultimate expense of her son’s life. Through clothing, the social and physical weight of Mrs. Alving’s remote Norwegian environment in the late 19th century is scrutinized. I use an oppressively subdued color palette, heavy layers of period- accurate clothing, and constraining structural details to forge a crushing sense of duty that suffocates an otherwise strong and free-thinking woman into inescapable obedience.

Starry Night by Edvard Much

Starry Night by Edvard Much