Virginia Varland

Costume Design


Play by Lynn Nottage

Wirtz Center for the Performing Arts

Directed by Jerrell Henderson

Set Design by Se Oh   

Light Design by Alexander Ridgers

Production Photos by Justin Barbin              

Fabulation is the satirical re-education of Undine Barnes Calles (nee, Sharona Watkins), a strong and intelligent African American business woman, who is forced to return to her estranged family in the Brooklyn projects when her Park Avenue life crumbles before her. The costumes articulate Undine’s arc from surface to substance by immediately setting up the quickly-sketched characters so the audience, like Undine, form expectations based on their appearance. Launching into a hurtling journey that de-rails these expectations through punchy social insights delivered with unexpected humor, the costumes become clothes that increasingly evoke not characters, but emotionally identifiable people.